695 Smithson Avenue
  Lawrence Park, PA. 16511
          (814) 899-3000  


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April 14-15
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Msgr. Dan Arnold, Pastor

Saint Mark the Evangelist Parish is located in Lawrence Park, Erie, Pennsylvania, and is the spiritual home of approximately 500 families.  We are a Roman Catholic Parish committed to the celebration of the sacraments and works of ministry. 

The Eucharistic Liturgy is the most important thing we do.  Through the Eucharist, we not only encounter Christ but also thank and praise our God.  Communion is our food of life and our source of strength that enables us to do everything else we do.  Flowing from the liturgical celebration, the people of Saint Mark strive to follow in the footsteps of Christ by serving one another, loving God and our neighbor, and proclaiming the Good News of salvation. 

Deacon Jim Kaschalk

Deacon Fred Weaver

Although small, we are a very active and dedicated parish family.  We enjoy one another’s company.  We are committed to our children and their future.  We take seriously our call to give witness to Christ and to share in the work of Christ by ministering to one another and the greater community.  We live, work and pray under the patronage of St. Mark, who is thought to be the first of the synoptic evangelists to proclaim, in written form, the Gospel of Christ.  We hope to imitate our patron, in the present,  by providing a legacy of faith for our future.  Please feel free to explore our website to learn more about us, and know that you are welcome to join us in prayer and ministry.                         

Our Mission

  Open to the Holy Spirit, we, the parish family of St. Mark, are

a sacramental community with the Eucharist at our center. We

exist to love God and one another, to grow in our personal

relationships in our Lord, and to share our enthusiasm for our

faith with our community. We support one another, reach out to

all, spread the Gospel, and practice our faith in our daily lives.


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