From the Desk of the Pastor

Dear Parish Families,

                Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of attending the annual Diocesan celebration for married couples celebrating significant anniversaries:  25, 40, 50, 60, and over 60 years of married life.    There was even a couple who celebrated 75 years of marriage!  What an inspiration!   Of particular interest to me was that my own parents were celebrating 60 years of marriage.  I had never gone to that Mass before, but was I ever glad I was there! It was held at St. Jude Parish, attended by about 500 people.  The environment and music were wonderful.

                I would like to extend a personal note of congratulations to members of our parish who attended, in particular, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sitzler of St. Mark’s Parish and Mr. and Mrs. Chester Widomski of Mt. Calvary Parish.  God bless you folks with many more healthy and happy years in your holy vocation!

                While I was at Mass, I wondered about other wonderful married couples from our two parishes who were not there, but who were also celebrating significant anniversaries.  To them, I also extend a special prayer and good wishes.  In previous parishes, we sent out personal invitations to attend this Diocesan Mass, but with our parish census being out of date or lacking information, we could not do that this year.  However, with your help and cooperation, we can rectify that for next year.

                In September, we hope to have a whole parish re-census.  We would like each household to examine the data we have on our computer database, and either correct or fill in missing information.  That information will allow us to develop ministries and outreach to both parishes which may include Faith Formation, invitations to join a ministry, and email communication when necessary, as well as other practical and pastoral uses.  I will provide more information in the near future, but just know that our parish can only be as effective as the data we have on the computer.   While we have complete hard-bound books of Baptisms, First Communions, Confirmations, Weddings, and Deaths celebrated in our parishes, that does not mean that the information is in the computer database.  That will be something YOU will be asked to supply.

                I am looking forward to supporting and honoring next year’s “Jubilarians” celebrating their weddings in 2018.  And having their complete data in our census will only help to send them personal invitations to such beautiful celebrations.  I hope you will fully cooperate when the new census opportunity happens.

                On a final note, part of my intention at Mass, along with those who were present and celebrating with their living spouses, was for those who would have been celebrating this year had their loved ones sadly not passed away.  Know  you were lifted in prayer.  The ache of the person who has lost a spouse is immense.  But you are not forgotten.  Your Jubilee will be known by the Almighty in the “banquet hall” of heaven!

Father Mark


August 18, 2017