From the Desk of the Pastor

Dear Parish Families,

I want to thank those who were able to attend last week’s Parish Mission with Father Bill Garrott, O.P.    Safe to say, we all really enjoyed the vibrant preaching, music, and “pearls of wisdom” that Father Bill shared with us.  I would be surprised if anyone walked away without taking home some bit of gospel-hope.  For those who wanted to make a donation towards Father Bill’s fees, we will wait a few days before sending him his stipend.   Make your check out to either parish.  Your gift is tax-deductible.

In order for you to do your long-term planning, I am posting a schedule of our Advent Penance Services and Christmas Mass Schedule for our area parishes on page 3.  I hope this will help you to keep worship in mind as you strategize for the Christmas holiday.

And finally,  beginning this weekend, you will find an envelope containing information to renew your census info for our parishes.  Those that are not picked up will be mailed out.

The Pastoral and Finance Councils, as well as our pastoral staff members, request that you attend to this letter as soon as possible.  It will save LOTS of phone calls.   The goal---- short and sweet --- is to find out who are our parish families.   We need to know who we can count on for weekly Mass, ministries, and support.   The cover letter describes the process.  Please also know that Part 1 asks if you want to remain an active registered family.   Please DO NOT take offense at this question; many pastors in our diocese have noticed a lot of parish-switching over the past few months, and some members have not notified the old parish of the change.   Our goal is for you to re-commit as a parish member and get involved in the parish to the best of your ability.  I personally thank you for your kindness in responding to our census.

God Bless you and your loved ones this week!

Father Mark


October 14, 2017