From the Desk of the Pastor

Dear Parish Families,

Just a few “musings”……

·         I hope you were able to attend the Parish Picnic last week at Shades Beach in Harborcreek.  It really was nice.  The liturgy was full, and people participated very well.   And the food and conversation was nothing short of wonderful!   I must admit—I was very, very proud of our parishes.  I want to extend my personal gratitude to the Picnic Leadership Team and their helpers.  You exceeded expectations!

·         This week, I will be attending my canonical retreat at the retreat center at Villa Maria, PA.   The Sisters of the Humility of Mary provide a wonderful location for the priests of our diocese.  Our staff will contact me in the event of a funeral.

·         I have been working on inputting data for our new liturgical ministry schedule.   If you are not on this schedule, that is because I didn’t hear from you.   Let me know and I can get  you scheduled the next scheduling period.

·         This past week I had the opportunity to meet with all our Confirmation Students who are scheduled to be Confirmed this October 15th at Our Lady of Mercy Church in Harborcreek.   I must say that I had wonderful conversations. It’s amazing how they mature over their high school years, particularly in 11th and 12th grade.   Something new – I had parents sit in on our conversation.  That was a “home run”!  All of us around the table really enjoyed the experience, as the conversation was meaningful and deep.   Thank you, students and parents!  Please keep our Confirmation Candidates in your prayers.

Have a wonderful week ahead!  Let us keep one another in prayer!

Father Mark


September 15, 2017