From the Desk of the Pastor

Dear Parish Families,

The month of November has had a long tradition of prayer for the dead.   As for why this month, I am not certain.  However, November seems to be grey, cold, and the gardens and trees all enter the hibernation mode as we prepare for winter snows.  When we lose a loved one, the days and years following all seem to reflect that important loss.   As a result of this remembrance, please know that every Mass during this month, we will remember our deceased loved ones, especially those you have noted in our book of remembrance at both parishes.

I believe our Catholic perspective is very helpful.  We pray for our beloved dead because they are still very much a part of our lives, even though they live in eternity with God.  Our parents, brothers and sisters, friends and acquaintances remain very much in our hearts.   Letting them know we love them is as natural as breathing.  Sometimes our prayers can even take on various dispositions such as love, remorse (for harsh words of the past), pride, and the desire to be with them again.  Those feelings truly reflect authentic love.

Over time, the hurt from a loss may become more manageable, but the ache will always be there.  As we miss and mourn our loved ones, may God continue to provide for us His loving consolation.

Yours In Christ,

Father Mark


November 4, 2017